Vietato l’ingresso ai Cosplayer ad una fiera del fumetto in Florida

Quello che sta succedendo da qualche giorno in occasione dell’Elite Con in Florida sta letteralmente spaccando in due il mondo delle fiere del fumetto. Gli organizzatori della fiera che si terrà il 12 Marzo hanno infatti deciso di vietare l’ingresso ai cosplayer per rimanere focalizzati sui veri argomenti della fiera, ovvero i fumetti ed i collezionabili.

La decisione ha ovviamente scatenato migliaia di polemiche di cosplayer già in possesso del biglietto costretti a lasciare a casa il costume anche perchè come giustamente è stato fatto notare non c’è una vera descrizione di cosplay. Uno potrebbe mettersi un completo gessato blu, delle converse vestendosi come il Doctor Who e dire di essersi vestito normalmente.


Il post è stato poi cancellato è sostituito con delle motivazioni più specifiche che vi riportiamo nella loro integrità:
“OK, so as it appears the outcry will continue I want to consolidate to one post if you would please be so kind. While we continue to hope for a respectful dialogue it appears that may be asking too much based on many of the posts we have received. We do not wish to suppress your opinion of dissent, we only ask once again that you try and keep the comments civil.

Since we cannot respond to all of your posts individually just want to address some common themes that have come up. We are not trying to engage in argument but simply to clarify some points.

1. No offense was intended, plain and simple. We have not said one single derogatory word about cosplaying and any such negative inferences are inaccurate. We have many friends who cosplay 🙂

2. Our show was named Elite “Con” meaning convention or gathering of people.

3. We have made it known since day one in our posts, videos and website that this would be an event focused solely on the collectibles and not cosplay, autographs or panels. So no deception there as suggested. No one needs a refund because it was made known right up front many months ago and many times since then.

4. While we appreciate the concern for low attendance, we are a small show in a small venue that could not hold all of you even if we were to have cosplaying. The larger conventions are better equipped to handle that volume of attendees and activities that are not vending related. Our show is focused on comics, action figures, lego, die-cast, funko pop and artwork. We honestly do not have anything in the way of cosplay vendors.

5. The “Elite” name is in reference to the collectibles. Not elitist even though that is convenient. Our show is designed for collectors who are seeking items they are not likely to find at a “flea market” “garage sale” and yes our dealers are regulating what they bring to meet a higher standard and at fair prices. We have posted hundreds of pictures and some videos to show attendees exactly what to expect. So again no deception here.

6. The people who have expressed interest in attending our show (a lot more now actually since this went kinda viral) generally like the idea of having the option to attend a non cosplay event and do not mean that as an insult to anyone. There are so many shows that do accommodate cosplay I am not entirely sure why so much backlash to just one that does not. To say that we cannot have an event called a “con” unless we have cosplay is debatable and we will agree to disagree here.

7. We have put together and worked very hard towards a show that we feel directly meets the requests of so many collectors that we have spoken to over the years. Our show is not about excluding anyone but if attire is paramount over the collectibles then we agree with you that this may not be a show you want to attend. It was not designed to simply draw large crowds there are shows for that. It is meant to service a specific niche of collector who sees the collectibles as paramount over the attire.

So, we know this breaks from all accepted conventional wisdom these days but that is our show and we hope those who attend will be pleased. One final note, and then the bashing can resume. A lot more bullying going on here than productive commentary. That is unfortunate. Best Regards to you all. We honestly mean no ill will to any of you. Even the bashers 🙂 By the way, love the memes!”

Giusto concentrare il focus solo sui fumetti in quanto fiera dedicata interamente solo a quello o sbagliato vietare l’ingresso ai cosplayer? dite la vostra!!!